This is a list of clothing and equipment required by Senior Boys’ at Fettes College.  The majority of items are available from the Fettes College Shop, full contact details are given below.  The School Shop is managed by Fettes College staff; we supply Fettes school uniform, sportswear and sportswear equipment, stationery, academic books, trunks and tuck boxes and other essentials to life at Fettes.  Any surplus profit made by the shop is put back in to the school. 

The shop is open during term time Monday to Friday from 9am – 3pm, and Saturdays from 9.30am – 12 noon. Full details of holiday opening hours will be sent out separately.


Direct line:    0131-311-6723

The shop accepts all major credit and debit cards and we are very happy to manage orders by phone, fax or e-mail if it is difficult to come to the shop in person; however we do recommend that new pupils try on their clothes before the start of term to ensure that they have the correct size.

During term time pupils and parents can purchase items from the shop and charge them to the school bill, you will then receive a detailed invoice at the end of term attached to the main school bill. 

The Thrift Shop which sells second hand items is now part of the main school shop.

Naming Clothing

All items must be clearly named before arriving at school, with the pupils name and the appropriate House letters after.

GL Glencorse             

MO Moredun  

CA Carrington 

KI Kimmerghame

Woven name tapes which are sewn on tend to last better. We also recommend that all shoes be clearly named (you can use self adhesive shoe labels or a permanent marker).

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that all clothing and equipment is fully named.

We have the facility to label uniform in the school shop and the cost is 50p an item. All uniform must be tried on and paid for before it is labelled. 

Day Wear


1 School blazer

2 Pairs of charcoal grey flannel trousers

8 White shirts – formal shirts only (no button-down collars.)

1 Dark navy v-neck jumper

1 House tie

Sixth Form option for day wear – white shirts with a discreet stripe

Formal Wear

1 Family tartan kilt or tartan of choice

1 Tweed kilt jacket

2 Pairs of kilt socks and flashes (colour to match the kilt)

1 Sporran

1 Fettes College school tie (magenta and chocolate)

Sixth Form option for formal wear – formal dark coloured suit, discreet coloured shirt, School tie.

The Fettes Shop can order made-to-measure kilts for boys with a reasonable hem to allow for growth. We recommend that you order a kilt as soon as possible to allow for a 6 weeks delivery time, the summer is a peak kilt making period therefore this lead time may be longer if kilts are ordered in August. 


1 Dark overcoat in dark navy or black (knee length and smart)

1 Fettes tartan scarf (optional)

1 Fettes College striped woollen scarf (optional)


1 Pair strong lace-up black leather polishable shoes, brogues preferred

Black or dark grey socks

1 Pair of warm trousers – for Field Trips

1 Cagoule or waterproof anorak – weekend camps etc.

1 Pair of walking boots (optional)

Rucksack or bag for books and files


1 Named bag to contain all equipment

3 Towels – All towels must have loops for hanging stitched to the middle edge of each towel.

2 Pairs of navy rugby shorts


2 Pairs of white rugby shorts (Fifth Form and above team players)

1 Fettes reversible rugby shirt

1 Fettes Baselayer

1 Pair of cycling shorts

2 Pairs of school brown rugby socks

1 Pair of House socks

2 Pairs of white sports socks

1 Pair of Fettes swimming trunks (optional sport for Fourth Form and above)

1 Fettes swimming cap – if hair is below ears

2 Pairs of Fettes tracksuit trousers

1 Fettes tracksuit jacket

1 Pair of Fettes navy PE shorts

2 Fettes polo shirts

1Cricket shirt – summer term

1 Cricket trousers – summer term

1 Cricket slipover – optional

1 Pair of rugby/football boots

1 Pair of indoor non-marking trainers

1 Pair of Astroturf trainers

1 Shoe bag

1 Gum shield

1 Pair of shin pads

2 Pair of garters

1 Hockey stick (spring term only)

1 Tennis racket

Boarders’ Equipment – (packed in a trunk, available from the school shop)

2 Pairs of pyjamas or nightwear

1 Dressing gown

1 Pair of slippers

Sponge bag (complete with nail brush, clippers scissors etc)

10 Pairs of pants or boxer shorts

2 Vests (optional)

10 Pairs of socks (black or dark grey)

10 Handkerchiefs

4 Bath towels- All towels must have hoops for hanging stitched to the middle edge of each towel.

N.B. The School provides all bed linen required.

Smart casual clothes for weekend wear


Lockable tuck-box (mini trunk, available from School Shop)

For use in House – 1 mug, 1 teaspoon, 1 plate, 1 knife and fork, 1 cereal bowl and 1 spoon,

Wrist watch

Alarm clock

6 Coat hangers with bars

1 Clothes brush

20 Spare name tapes

2 Laundry bags

1 Shoe cleaning kit

Third Form Stationery Starter Pack

All Third form pupils will receive an initial supply of stationery as listed below to help them organise their academic work at the start of the Autumn Term. The cost of this pack will be added to the school account.

10 A4 ring binders

1 Lever Arch File

2 Sets of subject dividers

1 Pad of file paper

1 Ringbinder wallet

1 Pack of coloured paper

1 Casio fx83 calculator

Appointment System

Uniform fittings last approximately one hour therefore it is essential during term time to make an appointment in advance to ensure we have adequate staff in the shop.