Fettes College thrift shop

Purchase or donate school items

Within the Fettes Shop, we also operate a thrift shop giving parents the opportunity to purchase pre-worn school uniform items in good condition. Parents also have the opportunity to donate the following:

Any article of current and continuing school uniform which is clean and in good condition

Nearly new sport shoes

Sports equipment (tennis and squash rackets, hockey and lacrosse sticks etc.)

Trunks and tuck boxes

Parents donating items to the thrift shop will receive 50% of the price of each item donated as a credit on their school account with the remaining 50%, less VAT, going to Fettes College to purchase new equipment for the school.

How to donate

All garments must be securely wrapped with the pupil’s name on the bag. Unwrapped and/or untagged items will be regarded as a full donation.

Terms & Conditions of the thrift shop

Clothes and sports equipment are priced by the Fettes Shop staff, who reserve the right to reject clothing deemed unsuitable for sale because it does not conform to school uniform regulations or is flawed.

Items remaining unsold after two years will be given to a charity.

Leavers who are anticipating a payment by cheque from the thrift shop must provide a current address. Any cheques that are returned will be credited to Fettes College.

Please note that we do not offer exchanges or accept returns of items purchased from the thrift shop.